Our Scope & Analysis Results

Thandela Proficiency Testing (Pty) Ltd operates the water PT schemes in support of local and international laboratories. Our scope is water proficiency testing scheme: Chemical Analysis.

For testing programs, the evaluation of a laboratory’s performance is normally based on a comparison to consensus values calculated from the results submitted. Thandela proficiency Testing uses a suite of statistical procedures typically based on the internationally accepted method of calculating z – scores. Variation of results both within a laboratory and between laboratories may also be addressed.

Complaints & Appeals

Any queries, disagreements, or complaints regarding results should be reported directly to the program coordinator for the program in question. The Program Coordinator, in conjunction with the Technical Committee (where necessary), will perform a full review of the results queried by the participant.
This review will be conducted in line with Thandela proficiency testing corrective action procedures. Thandela proficiency testing will advise the participant of the outcome of the review.

If the outcome of the review is in favour of the participant, then the summary sheet will be amended to reflect the revised evaluation and forwarded to the participant.Use the attached form F/CSD/03 for complaints and appeal


All information supplied by a laboratory as part of a proficiency testing program is treated as confidential. For each, program round, each participant is assigned a code number to allow for the confidential treatment of results in all reports and publications produced by Thandela proficiency testing.

Results information may be made available to Thandela proficiency testing to Technical committee during result analysis or to international evaluators during Thandela proficiency testing audit. Confidentiality agreements are signed by all relevant parties.


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For any feedback use the attached form F/CSD/02 Participant feedback.

Enrolling on our Proficiency Testing


Complete the attached

(F/CSD/01) – participating in proficiency testing)


Select from Attachment

(F/CSD/10 – TPT Catalogue) what you are interested to participate


Send the Document

(F/CSD/10 – TPT Catalogue & F/CSD/01) back to with the selection and will then send the formal quotation and invoice.


Make payment

Make payment to Thandela account as per invoice using unique reference number


Sample Testing

The samples would start to be delivered as per PT Schedule (F/OPN/33) and welcome to our water proficiency testing scheme