Public Information

Management system Policy

Quality will pervade Thandela Certification Services (Pty) Ltd’s technical, operational, and client service delivery process.

Confidentiality Policy

All information received by or available to Thandela Certification Services (Pty) Ltd staff, subcontractors, or committee members (in whatever format) received in conducting audit activities

Impartiality Policy

Thandela Certification Services (Pty) Ltd is the legal entity responsible for certification activities;
reference to Thandela Certification Services (Pty) Ltd in this Policy and Public Statement refers to
these legal entities

Complaint & Appeal

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the handling of incidents, complaints and appeals
received from the client, in-house, and from other parties.

Audit Planning Conducting & Reporting

To describe a procedure for audit planning, conducting the audit at client premises,
preparation of reports and submitting the reposts

Certificate Issue Suspension & Withdrawal

To describe a procedure for issue of certificate, suspension and withdrawal of the


Please complete all of the first section and further applicable sections based on your quotation requirements and return to Thandela Certification Services (Pty) Ltd.

Use of Company Marks & Logos

Thandela Certification Services (Pty) Ltd issues marks corresponding to the relevant standard for
which approval has been given, by way of a current Certificate of Registration.